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Marcel Baettig

Founder and Chief Executive, Bow Arts Trust

Originally training and worked as an artist, Marcel had a successful early career creating exhibitions and public commissions. In 1993 he was the BP International Young Artist of the Year completing several high profiled commissions and Residencies. The following year he established Bow Arts, which soon became recognised as a leading education and arts charity and one of the very first real Social Enterprise Models. Bow Arts now provides over 500 artists, designers and makers with affordable workspace across a range of work and live work spaces in London. Over the past 20 years the Trust’s educational programme has grown into one of London’s most respected professional educational projects annually working with around 10,000 young people in schools.  Bow Arts also manages an award winning public arts and Place making programme alongside its contemporary gallery, cafes and other enterprises. Bow Arts annually hosts one of London’s best loved Open Studio programs and offers a range of artist Prizes, Residencies and Commission opportunities to help support young talent.

In 2013 Marcel was award a prize for Social Entrepreneur of the Year, at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for his innovative, independent business model that invests around £3 to £4 million annually back into cultural and educational opportunities for residents in east London.

Previous positions include Director of Bow Arts Trading, Founder and Director of London’s Artist Quarter, Founder and Director for the Artist Studio Finder, Founder and Director, the National Federation of Artist Studio Providers. Marcel was also a member of the Greater London Authority’s Creative Workspace Committee.