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Arts Impact Fund: Insights from the first year

We are delighted to share our first year insights paper, which provides an overview of Arts Impact Fund’s activities and lessons in the 12 months since the team started in June 2015.

Arts Impact Fund: Insights from the first year has been written with a commitment to sharing the learning of this pioneering initiative in mind. The paper is motivated also by our desire to see a transparent social investment sector that fosters knowledge-sharing, trust and understanding.The Arts Impact Fund is currently just over halfway through its investment period, which is set to end in in the summer of 2017. We expect to publish a fuller report on the fund’s activity after this date, followed by subsequent interim reports on the performance of its loan portfolio and impact generated.

Key findings from our first year report include:

We have also provided anonymised information on the nine approved loans in the period in the appendix to the report.

We are delighted to be working on this exciting project and expect the remaining year of investment to continue to generate impact and stimulate not only flows of capital into arts and culture but also powerful debate around impact, resilience, artistic quality and social outcomes.