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Podcast: Arts Impact Chats: Lisa Alberti, Pinc College

A live-recorded interactive podcast featuring Lisa Alberti, Founder of Pinc College in conversation with Seva Phillips, Head of Arts and Culture Finance.

Lisa Alberti is Founder and College Lead at Pinc College, a specialist college for creative education in the UK, focusing on creative study programme pathways for neurodivergent young people, aged 16-25. Pinc College runs art, digital art and complementary studies, from campuses based across the North-West, Yorkshire and the Midlands, operating in partnership with arts and cultural organisations.

Lisa has 19 years’ teaching experience and obtained a postgraduate degree in Education Leadership from the University of Manchester before becoming leader at Pinc College. Pinc prides itself on an alternative approach, offering a purposeful pathway for neurodivergent young people to careers in the cultural and creative sectors. They offer a creative study programme with strong roots in museums and galleries, specialist support for autism, and small group learning.

Seva and Lisa discussed Lisa’s professional journey through teaching and the creative sectors, the benefits of creative education to neurodiverse young people and the impact Pinc College strives to make.

This was a live recorded podcast with the opportunity to ask questions via chat. This podcast is for people with an interest in education, arts, culture and neurodiversity, who are interested in learning more about creative education for young people.

Read more about how Pinc College used their Arts Impact Fund loan in their case study.

The recording is available above and you can access a full transcript of the webinar here.

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