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How to Apply

We look for socially driven arts and cultural organisations that can demonstrate they can take on repayable finance

Many factors determine whether we invest in an organisation. Some of the key factors look for are:

The investment process

Stage 1: Pre-due diligence

During an initial conversation, our investment team will try to understand more about your organisation, what it does, how much investment you seek and what for. We use this information to assess which of the funds we manage will best match your investment need and whether you meet the eligibility criteria for that fund. We will also want to understand the business opportunity (the rationale for making an investment and why it would be successful) and social impact case (how your organisation creates positive social impact and for whom).

Stage 2: Due Diligence

At this stage, we will request more detailed information about the organisation’s structure and operations, people, governance and leadership, market potential/route to market for existing and new activities, financial performance, and social impact management. For instance, we might want to know how our investment will contribute to the organisation’s long-term sustainability or what processes are put in place to monitor and improve its social impact. We will also visit your organisation and may wish to speak with your beneficiaries and trustees (if you have any). At the end of this process, we will write an investment proposal and draft an initial term sheet which we will discuss with you.

Stage 3: Investment Committee

The investment proposal will be presented to the Fund’s Investment Committee, which meets at regular intervals and makes a decision on all investment applications, either approving, rejecting them or requesting further information.

Interested in applying? Find out more about our open fund and, if you feel this may be a good fit for your organisation, please do fill out our enquiry form.

If successful
Our team will discuss the final terms approved with you, draft an indicative repayment schedule and impact Development and Resourcing plan and provide you with a legal agreement that formalises the investment. Please allow up to 4 weeks for legal completion.


If deferred
We will explain clearly in writing the further questions raised by the Investment Committee, what information you will have to provide and the timescales involved.


If unsuccessful
We will explain clearly in writing the rationale for the committee’s decision and suggest next steps.